We are in a constant state of Rivalry. The competition never ends. The Rivalry never ends; not just in mere terms of sports and war but, a Rivalry of life. We have home-town standards, general expectations, predetermined futures, peer and mass pressure, all the while trying to find a means of competing to find some sort of success that we can attach ourselves to. Life is a rivalry.

Through this Rivalry, we find success through the growth obtained by our struggles. We find success in competition. This is not just a competition with others but, within the individual. By bettering ourselves, we become new. We defeat our older self. We excel through Rivalry.

We do not abide by standard. We do not adhere by definition. We do not bow to expectation. We break them. We create them. We are Rivalry.

It is our mission to utilize the Rivalry within ourselves to constantly out-do ourselves. By never being complacent, we will always grow and never bring anything but the best quality of apparel and service to our customers.